International Artist Project III, 2017

//Galerie 102 is pleased to present Temporary Identities, a showcase of current works by international artists who participated in the program from July to September. The exhibition is curated by Stella Sander.

Opening: Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 6–9pm

Performance by Katelyn Fay 8pm

Opening Times: 13, 18-22 September 2017, 1–6pm

14,15 September 2017, 1–8pm

16, 17 September 2017, 11–6pm

Artist talks, 16 September, 3pm


Potsdamer Str. 102

10785 Berlin


Katelyn Fay’s work is about juxtaposing and overlaying contradicting imagery to create a highly stylized, saturated

world. She aims to convey the duality that exists within the world and within her own personal life as well, one which

intertwines the contradiction between the importance of the ego and the altered, distorted perceptions of one’s self and

the outside world around them, particularly by ones creation of ideals. She does so by typically putting herself as the

subject in the forefront of most pieces, as a form of personal narrative, reflection and documentation. These reflections

usually emulate her contradicting dualities and questioned ideals: innocence and childlike nostalgia (“good/light”) with

aggression and violence (“bad/dark”). Most pieces are very process based. Fay starts by overlapping these concepts in

an interdisciplinary way, (as each medium influences one another) to convey her message as much as possible, for a

larger audience by using mediums like digital photography, video, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation,

performance, and fashion design. She ties in many different concepts at once, such as her own personal relationships

with outside experiences that can become controversial and at times political, as she reflects on the American culture in

many shapes and forms, which in conclusion is why her work can be so chaotic and eccentric.

Katelyn Fay is a 22 year old female mixed media visual artist, designer, and music-maker from South Florida, who

works in both New York and in Florida. She attended Parsons the New School for Design in New York studying art, and

has since exhibited and performed in both Florida and New York.

katelyn fay.png

In this series Jodi Holmes is investigating the various meanings of ‚home‘ she has experienced during her travels abroad.

In her paintings over well-known architectural images, she paints her experiences into the photo; a part of them but

never fully integrated. The primary colors create their own interpretation of the space they are painted over. These book

pages, with text in a language she does not speak, are sewn together in a similar fashion that her mother would piece

together quilts on her family’s living room floor. The essence of a quilt is to bring comfort and – for Holmes – a feeling

of home, to the viewer. The large collage of posters gathered from the streets of Berlin this summer are also brought

together with the intention of invoking a blanket. The layers reference the artist’s daily experience of living in a foreign

city, and taking from it, in order to feel a part of it. This collage is the interpretation of the Berlin that she has seen and

then curated back in the studio by selecting posters from many districts and combining them into a larger picture.

Jodi Holmes (°1993, Graham, Missouri, USA) makes paintings and collaged mixed media artworks. She received her

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting at Northwest Missouri State University in 2015 and is currently working on her

Masters of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

jodi holmes.png

The painting itself is a meditation by its own natural process. YoonJung Lee searches a clear state of mind to better

express the thoughts that emerge from her inner self. Through meditation and closed eyes, she creates a black imaginary

canvas, but the black is not bleak. The floating and dancing lights are artifacts from what she has seen before and what

she sees despite the darkness. Focusing on little lights that guide herself to travel through her mind those lights

themselves give her ideas of different images and compose what her inner self seeks to express. In terms of process, Lee

takes a moment and starts painting in time frame of 1,2,4,8,16 minutes building layers using one shade of color until she

is fully connected to the canvas. Even when she repeats painting with one color it always has shades with a darker and

lighter hue showing its own character.

Lee searches for both a pure representation of herself from within my ego and without, giving her the opportunity to

explore and express new environments beyond the limits of daily life.

YoonJung Lee is a New York based artist born in S.Korea. She studied fine art in the School of Visual Arts. She

produces both small and large scale paintings with layers of color to represent its own character in space. She travels

around the world to investigate, create and experiment with different mediums.

yoonjung lee.png

Anabela Sobrinho’s narrative art expresses spiritual symbols, dreams, holistic lifestyle, natural health and environment.

She uses oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouache, soft pastels, oil crayons and mixed media on medium scale paper, canvas,

board and hessian. She does Painting, Photography, Textiles (mainly Weaving) and Writing. All along she has learned

the technicalities of stretching & priming canvases, wiring frames, mounting photographs and curating shows.

Born in Lisboa, Portugal in 1952, Anabela Sonbrinho lived in Mozambique for 2 and a half years, migrated to Australia

in 1985, visited 16 countries and retired in 2009, due to illness, from 34 years of Language Teaching and related jobs.

Her family doctor advised her not to do any more straining work dealing with languages. That’s when she completed her

Fine Arts Advanced Diploma, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Creative Product Development and changed her

career into what she had always wished to do from an early age.

Madison Tyrell is searching how to represent space and the humans place in it. This simple idea can be deconstructed to

the fabric of nature. Space is not always seen, however, our existence is suspended in all parts of it. Tyrell’s goal is to act

as the primary viewer as she paints, creating interactions and exploration of space using a variety of imagery and

techniques. She is trying to find the line where not a lot is said, but just enough to take the imagination somewhere. She

is using landscapes and juxtaposing lines to create and suggest a new occupation of space. This idea is more

metaphysical. Tyrell is less interested in the concrete and more intrigue for the exploration of deconstruction and


Her goal is to create an investigation of the mundane, the unseen and the forgotten and its place in our existence. She

hopes for the viewer to come to his/her own conclusion, drawing his/her own story in the mind.

Madison Tyrell was born in Vancouver (BC); she will be receiving a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History from

Queen’s University, Kingston ON this year. She lives and works in Kingston, ON.

int-art-project-2017 (748x604)

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